I am human and I need to be loved
Just like everybody else does

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Warum erinnern sich Menschen an das, was ihnen schmerzt?
Warum bleiben einem immer die Erinnerung im Kopf hängen, egal, bei welchem Ansatz man beginnt, die man eigentlich verbannen möchte?

... weil einem dann bewusst wird, wie viel das, was man hat, bedeutet: unendlich viel


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Ice element
Your element is Ice. This element may seem a little

odd, but this is a side-effect from when the

element of Water gets too hurt. Once you were

a content soul, and happy with life. But then

something happened. Not necessarily on one

day, it probably happened gradually over

time. You lost your will to care and became

even more reserved from the world. People had

hurt you in ways you do not want to remember

and now you isolate yourself from them. You

have turned into an outsider and probably

dress more in black than you used to. Your

depression is eating you up and tearing you

apart and the worst part is that no one is

willing to help, or so it seems. In school

you are often by yourself or one single

friend and you rarely seem to be truly happy

anymore. Your sad, distant eyes and constant

frown seems glued to your face and you need a

saviour from this world. You may turn to

music for understanding and sing/scream along

in the lyrics to get rid of some pain. You

are not very open about your problems to your

family/friends, and wish that they would just

notice it and make it go away.

What is your element? [with pics + detailed answeres]
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Your connection with darkness is through your

depression. Hated, sad and often feeling

lonely, there is only a few that appreciate

the real you. You tend to keep to yourself

and away from the world since you don't want

to be hurt and betrayed again. Music gives

you the understanding you need to get

through, it's your "therapy". Or

you express yourself through art or writing.

Chances are you're also an anti-social

person, who only likes being with close

friends, if even that. The world has finally

showed it's true face for you and you wish

life wasn't this miserable to live through.

Maybe you'll find happiness in the future,

but right now you're just hiding away from

the world. Who needs people anyway?

What is your connection with darkness? [pics]
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